Life Experiences!!

Before i start my writing i must make it clear that if one really wanna learn something then look around especially by looking into your past characters i.e may be your grand parents, parents, friends & in-laws etc etc, because by looking into someone’s life who was close to you and when you even had seen their death also, really make you aware of many things.
I have to write so many things and i feel no platform is enough to collect my words but still i will try my best to some up some of my thoughts.
I strongly believe on one thing which is whatever you do or say in past always carry deep effects on your future as am eye witness of many cases.

Naiki ki Hadayat: When i was a kid i remember i used to hear this word alot which is “Naiki ki Hadayat” but at that time i couldnt really understand what exactly it stands for but now i realize how important it is and i still wish for it.
This is actually the biggest blessing one could ever get it.This comes when one actually start realizing whats wrong within him/her.
& to tell you the truth it comes to those who really work for it because i strongly believe Allah dayta hai

Allah gives signs: Sometimes lot of things happens in our lives and usually we dont understand why and how its happening with us but if we give a sincere eye to those happenings we can easily see everything is actually signs of Allah’s presence.

Up’s & Down’s: Life can never be same ever because thats Allah’s promise that he will keep checking us i.e sometimes he gives us good luck and check how we act and sometimes he checks us through trials & so on…..

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