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While well-meaning, your article is really fiction to get brownie points from your liberal puppet masters [who btw, hate your guts as evidenced by the hateful portrayals of Asians across their media].

>They were protesting the charges filed against police officer Peter Liang, a Chinese American with the New York Police Department who shot and killed Akai Gurley, an unarmed 28-year-old black male in the stairwell of a building. AsianAmericans were protesting about selective justice and citing claims about how Liang’s race was instrumental in his conviction. They said that if Liang were white, there would be no charge.

They missed the point completely.

NO. NO. NO. YOU missed the point completely. Liang didn’t even see the guy he accidentally killed. It was an accident. Meanwhile, the wrong WHITE cops intentionally slaughter innocent Blacks all year long and are found “innocent”. Asians and especially the Chinese community rightfully protested that Liang was being scapegoated for the crimes of the wrong kinds of whites.

People like you have no business talking about social justice when you wish to throw your own kind under the bus.

>Anti-blackness is something that Asian Americans have historically participated in.

Go ahead and list the events of this anti-Blackness. Oh…you can’t. Yet, any Asian can list the numerous rapes, assaults, robberies, and riots like Korea town, pushing elderly Chinese onto train tracks, Black serial rapists targeting Asian women [here and at American military bases in SK, Okinawa, and the Philippines], vicious assaults against Chinese takeout deliverymen, Chris Rock making jokes against Chinese kids at the Oscars 2016, etc.

Please do not mislead readers with dangerous propaganda. How many Blacks are killed by Asians here or even inside Asia? Blacks who travel East admit there is racism but it’s a harmless fear/curiosity — not a racist hatred that the wrong whites exhibit. Big difference.

If you cannot understand this then please read up before writing more harmful messages. Readers who want a pro-Asian community that doesn’t throw Asians under the bus please go to