The Problem with Anime Expo
Travis Lionel

Anime Expo always had communication issues among staff and higher ups at previous years there was a limited paid staff but now are mostly volunteer staff with very litttle incentive thus making it less appealing to con goers. this year 2017 there were armed LAPD officers within various areas along with security thruoghout the convention floor event staff was very questionable of their authority and to me are a waste of resources. accessibility was the very worst to date and reached the cap limit on passes being sold out of the 4-day passes and cant acccomidate the capacity for this convention size. But to me personally; the con is getting way too commercialized like the ways of comic-con and e-3 and has lost true meaning of its idenity of being a non-profit. their badges are getting way too expensive and the experience has lost its weight in value over the years of mismanagement,inexperience replacing talent and poor financial mismanagement. But as long as these problems remain, AX will do poorly year after year.

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