Brussel sprouts battle to remain a part of Brexmas dinner

Everyone looks forward to the turkey, stuffing and the mashed potatoes at Christmas dinner, but the much-maligned Brussel Sprout has had to earn its place at the table.

The price of Brussel Sprouts continues to plummet, seeing a 10.8% fall in just the past year according to Defra. It’s likely to get worse as the UN declared yesterday that 2016 will be the hottest year on record, a terminal diagnosis for the brassica vegetable.

Matthew Rawson, chairperson of the Brassica Association says: “they do well in heat that is not too extreme, but to develop their taste they need to have been exposed to frost for short periods of time. It’s a sensitive process.”

Brexit adds to the woes of the brussel sprout. Philip Hammond, Chancellor of the Exchequer, has pledged to match the subsidies that were being provided by the EU, but there is still the question of tariffs on non-EU states currently being applied at 12%. “Fresh vegetables are the food group that has been most imported in the UK at 69%,” says a spokesperson for Defra.

Will the combination of hot weather and Brexmas be the end of the boisterous brassica? The people have their say:

31 year-old Barima Edusai says: “[If the price went up,] I would want buy some, but definitely not as many.”

“Hopefully!” says 27 year-old Ella Fleck.

Laurence Mallows, 25 year-old says: “I suppose they’re good to just have.”

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