How we got 300k users in 24 hours and reached #1 in the App Store
Andy McCune

Hi Andy,

It was really helpful to read your post. I do have one app which I am going to launch soon especially for Kids, Toddlers & Children’s & the Target audience would be Mom’s & Dad’s (Parents).

Through this app, Kids can learn Manners, Discipline & Basics of Moral life by playing. I am going to launch it soon in a month or two. So I need some your help as follows:

What all the basics steps should I take once I would launch the app not to make it most viral but to create a buzz?

Secondly basic SEO like keywords research, Titles I have already optimized it.

I really don’t want to go for paid marketing in Beta version of my app — Because I keep on improving it for few months or a year.

So if you have any recommendation for the same please help me.

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