Design for touch is a lot different from designing just for the digital interfaces. Touch literally puts pieces of information on the fingertip to manipulate it. Here are few guidelines to design for Touch. These guidelines are universal and for the cross-platform touch devices whether it’s mobile, tablet or laptop.

1. Understand The Ergonomics Of Software Design

Designing for the touch is a combination of Digital design and Industrial design. Touch literally puts information in the user’s hand.

  • Treat information as a physical object
  • Affordance in UI elements
  • Avoid reverse engineering, mapping your mouse pointer friendly UI to touch events
  • The content above the controls, always wherever…

Information Foraging: The basic idea is our ability to find things without getting killed, this idea was originated in the late 1990s, by researchers working at Xerox's PARC. In modern context getting killed can be replaced with “how fast, you can find the relevant information”.

Applied to Stone age man,

Image for post
Image for post
Which one to hunt without getting killed?

Applied to Animals

The best product gets delivered from an efficient and flexible team, where everyone is responsible for building and delivering a meaningful product. Working as a team is all about exhibiting professionally mature work culture where everyone self-governed and free to ask questions and get the satisfactory answer in no time.

Effective team is like a machine, where every part constantly communicating with each other, in-order to produce something meaningful and delighting, which solves real user problem.

Introducing work culture is easy, but maintaining culture is tough. The team is not always constant, and it keep on shuffling with leaving old…

Amarjeet Sonkar

Experience Designer @Autodesk

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