Hydroxycut loses weight and wins customers

Blog #2 — Ashlyn Sordo

Ads use a combination of appeals, visuals, text, and USPS to target their specific audiences. Each detail is specifically planned out in order to optimize the effectiveness of an ad. Hydroxycut, a weight loss supplement brand, successfully used a combination of advertising strategies in order to show the success and reliability of their product to their target audience.

The most prominent appeal of this ad is the need to achieve. The ad is showing the success stories of this product, highlighting the fact that “Sasha lost 33 lbs. in 17 weeks”. People have the desire to succeed fast and easy. The ad also displays that you are saving money because you now receive 50% more days of supply. This ad targets how people want to save money and buy more for less.

The ad is also appealing to the need for guidance. At the very top of the ad, they are displaying that Hydroxycut is the number 1 weight loss selling product as well as the fact that they have had 20 years of success. People feel more comfortable buying a product that is well known and dependable. Displaying their record of success makes the product appear more dependable, which is key for product sales.

The ad’s use of color is also effective in a way that can increase product sales. The use of the color red helps make the ad more exciting, because people should be excited about weight loss and a boost in confidence. The woman in the ad, and her pictures, are using the color blue because she is relaxed after her weight loss success story. She is at ease because she no longer has to worry about her weight due to her use of Hydroxycut.

In addition to color, the arrangement of the ad draws attention to the product well. They eye is instantly attracted to faces; therefore, viewers of this ad look at the woman in the ad first. Then they follow her body down straight to her foot, which is pointing directly to the products in the right corner. While it is normally most effective to put the logo in the bottom right (rather than the left like this ad did), the products clearly display the name of the product; therefore, it is not an issue.

The ad uses an effective USP for their target audience that tells that the product is for real people that will get real and amazing results by using their dietary supplements. The audience they are looking to sell to is women who are insecure about their bodies and looking for the easy way out. The slogan “Mix and Match, Your Way” makes the audience feel that the products can be tailored to them specifically, and will work for everyone because there is such a wide variety.

With careful techniques, Hydroxycut created a successful ad for their specific target audience. With a combination of visual appeals and emotional appeals, as well as a specific selection of a USP, this ad would be successful with their attempt to increase the sales of this company. Good advertising is important because a good product can be ruined by a bad advertisement. The best weight loss product in the world can be unknown due to bad or a lack of advertising. It is important for companies to invest money in advertising because if the advertisement is well-planned and well-executed, companies will make their money back and improve the image for their business.