Self-service is undoubtedly an essential part of the customer journey with clear benefits for both the business and its customers. The main component of any self-service strategy is a well structured help center, where customers can find answers to some of their questions without having to get in touch with a customer support agent.

One of the problems of having a help center is that customers often can’t find or (won’t look for) the answer they need, so they go ahead and contact support anyway. …

In customer support, chatbots represent an opportunity to automate simple and repetitive tasks while allowing the support team to focus on resolving more complex customer problems. Zendesk’s recent announcement on the release of Chat Conversations API represent a significant addition to the self-service offering for businesses using Zendesk Chat to support their customers. If you were using Zendesk Chat for support, you have probably waited for this release for a long time.

While the new API comes integrated with a small number of chatbot providers, developing the integration yourself will give you the flexibility o choose from a much larger…

There is a stage in the life-cycle of any successful business when the contribution to growth is shifting gradually from marketing and sales functions towards customer service and customer success. With customers being more informed and having more options than ever, keeping a customer from churning to competitors becomes increasingly important. In these companies, customer success is emerging as a third engine of growth that ensures customers are happy and successfully getting value of your products or services.

At this stage the customer base is growing and so is the demand for support: more customers, more problems to solve. Your…

Sorin Alupoaie

Entrepreneur. Applying AI to solve Customer Service problems | Machine Learning, NLP, Chatbots.

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