Upcoming exhibition in London

女子[Yeoja] A is a project of the exhibition, I AM THE ARROW.

After coming to London, I’ve felt above my depth. Frankly, I think I’ve faced my value. The result was to be disappointed of myself. It was very hard time for me. Meanwhile I’ve underwent some accidents, it also made me depressed and I lost myself, got to loose confident.
I’ve deeply thought of myself: identities, the reason I came to London and what I am supposed to do. Answers were nowhere. My mind was blow up.
The saver is reading books as ever. I started to read books which are written by my favourate artists in childhood: Virginia Woolf, Sylvia Plath, Zelda Fitzerald and Nah Hyeseok. And then, I realised nothing different with the era that they lived in. They doomed a fate due to their sexualities, underestimated their talents. In this point, I’ve been pondered about one of my identities: A woman. I told my great friends about these thoughts, we have many episodes as Asian women under conservative culture by male chavinism. Nevertheless, they readly became my models. I asked them express thier feeling about female artists above. I would like to say thank to Arwen Wu, Danhui Zhang, Jessica Yang, Sifan Chen and Yuwen Chen.
With their supports, I wandered streets. And I shared my idea with women on the street, and recorded pedestrians’ voice, asking them choose and read pharagraphs from among books I brought. Ultimately, I could make a short film by it.

Here it is.
It is thier story, it also can be my story. Or it could be your story.
Also, this is my interim answer. 
Hope you can come to see.