Hi Gus readers,

Did you know my first professional editing job was selecting and polishing letters to the editor for publication in National Geographic Traveler? I loved it. Something about readers taking time to let journalists and publishers know the impact of our work is really gratifying, even if they’re writing to say we got something wrong.

Today’s equivalents to those letters are the dreaded comments below online articles. And if you’ve read our online stories, you know we’ve opted not to allow comments, as a means of protecting our contributors and article subjects from the rampant toxicity found on so many media sites. …

Hey Gus readers,

What can I say? 2020 continues to be a complete dumpster fire of a year. BC — where I live — managed to make it through our traditional wildfire season without many serious blazes, but our air has nonetheless been filled with smoke from fires in western US states for over a week. And today I saw a friend in New York state post a photo of their skies clouded with smoke from the same source! I truly don’t understand how anyone can deny the climate crisis.

The smoke and ongoing pandemic have clearly got me feeling down this week, so I’m actively seeking cheering thoughts to counteract this funk. One is how much readers are loving our latest issue: Summer/Fall 2020. Just today, a subscriber sent a note saying, among other things: “I have to tell you how impressed I am with Asparagus… So much interesting and challenging information packed into one issue.” …

Hey there Gus readers,

Last month, I wrapped up the newsletter with a shout-out to my incredible team. And today I’m excited (and also a little sad), to tell you about some changes to that team. The sadness is because Issue 3 will be Erin Flegg’s final issue as our art director. Erin’s vision, talent, and hard work have made the print edition of Asparagus the thing of beauty that it is, and we will miss her skill with a layout.

Happily, she’s not leaving Team Gus entirely, just scaling back to smaller roles that feel more manageable with the rest of her life. So it’s not goodbye to Erin, just à bientôt; you’ll see her photography in issues to come, and benefit from her insights and keen visual sense in other ways. (I’m still waiting to hear if she’ll take me up on the title I’ve offered her: “Art Director Emerita.” She should, right?) For now, Associate Designer Avvai Ketheeswaran and I are figuring out what we want the design process to look like for Issue 4. …


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