Pictured: HBO’s Game Of Thrones Wins Best Drama Series At 71st Annual Emmy® Awards Show

The 72nd annual Emmy® Award Nominations were announced by this year’s hosts from their respective homes via video conferencing apps. The hosts included Supermarket Sweep star and Saturday Night Live alumnus Leslie Jones with presenters Laverne Cox (Inventing Anna), Josh Gad (Central Park), Tatiana Maslany (Perry Mason) and Television Academy Chairman and CEO Frank Scherma.

The Nominations Highlights

This year’s nominations recognized a host of groundbreaking new programs and up-and-coming talent, along with beloved performers and hit shows that have been integral in helping television viewers navigate a changing world.

Netflix leads the nominations with 160 and sets a record previously held by…

Live entertainment, music, dance and theatre are doing what comes virtually in the age of social distancing, quarantine and pandemic life. The music industry has had to rethink how to present and market its entertainment offerings, as have its colleagues in the performing arts category. As music and arts venues remain closed and COVID-19 continues to resurge and rear its life-threatening head, live entertainment and the artists have been hit extremely hard. What do they do now?

The Answer. Go Virtual to keep Igniting the Sparks! Many performing arts organizations, entities, venues, productions and outdoor festivals have opted to livestream…


The digital fabric of our lives is adding a new meaning. Social distancing, stay at home and self-quarantine are the new norms. At least for the indefinite future due to the corona virus pandemic. How do we stay real and keep our sense of self in the new world of near isolation from each other? Enter the digital age and modern technology.

World Wildlife Day takes place annually on March 3rd and sparks global celebrations and UN events stressing the 2020 theme of “Sustaining all life on Earth.” Wild animal and plant species are an important and essential component of biodiversity and their importance to people, especially those who live closest to nature and depend on them for their livelihoods.

World Wildlife Day 2020

This year’s theme is part of the ‘Biodiversity Super Year’, which will see several major events placing biodiversity at the forefront. Wild species of animals and plants are an integral part of the world’s biological diversity and offer many benefits to people…

Folk singer songwriter Woody Guthrie’s legendary song ‘This Land Is Your Land’ is still made for you and me as the anthem turns 80 on February 23rd. The folk hero and his timeless song have Socially Sparked® our lives since 1940.

There have been many renditions over the decades of Woody’s unofficial classic anthem since originally penned. One main constant throughout all the renditions — each artist’s adaptation uses their art to inform and inspire — amplifying Woody’s words and beliefs.


Woodrow Wilson Guthrie (Woody) was born in 1912 in Okemah, Oklahoma…

2020 Will be the Age of Youth Movements that Affect Change. We had a teaser of these movements in the outgoing decade. The youth of our nation and the world spoke up and will continue to speak out. Our next generation has already Socially Sparked® our lives. An inspiration to us all. Change is in the air.

March for Our Lives #NeverEnough


Taking the gun control issue to the streets. That’s what the students of Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School did at March For Our Lives in Washington, DC. Millions of their peers, families, kids and advocates joined them in cities and towns across the…

To say that millennial Cassandra Kubinski is a pop artist with a purpose is the understatement of the year. She is a multi-talented artist, actress, singer-songwriter, vocalist, philanthropist, activist and board member who has already Socially Sparked® our lives. Cassandra is most definitely a next generation leader.

‘You Get Me’ by Cassandra Kubinski & Tony Daniels. Percentage of sales of the song benefits pet rescue

A percentage of the sales of this song benefits pet rescue and adoption groups and shelters. You can download the You Get Me EP, share the video and have the animal lovers in your life do the same. This song You Get Me was written and produced by Cassandra Kubinski and Tony Daniels…

Woman small business owner
Woman small business owner


The changing face of entrepreneurship is a trend that is growing rapidly. Women small business owners and women business owners in general have become the new norm. They are forging ahead without looking back and setting an inspirational standard for the next generation that will lead us into the 21st century and beyond.

National Women’s Small Business Month is every October. That’s the designated time to celebrate the growth and accomplishments of female entrepreneurs and to recognize the vital role they play in our economy. …

60 Counts Slogan Should Chant Everyday as Age Equality Issue Heats Up
60 Counts Slogan Should Chant Everyday as Age Equality Issue Heats Up

Sixty counts! The journey to age equality is ongoing. Population aging is poised to become one of the most significant social transformations of the 21st century. Older persons Socially Sparked® our lives and continue to do so. We salute our older persons and should celebrate the UN’s International Older Persons Day every day.

SDG 10 — The 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) recognizes that development will only be achievable if it is inclusive of all ages. You can read more in Socially Sparked News Advocacy.

Abbe Sparks is the Founder of Socially Sparked News. A social media…

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A Social Entrepreneur & Founder, Abbe Sparks Media Group & Socially Sparked News, Abbe writes about social media & intersection of pop culture & social change.

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