Questions all Jeremy Corbyn supporters need to answer
Owen Jones

The way parties portray their policies and frame their societal view are critically important though. Rhetoric has real impact. It influences policy. It shapes society. It’s not worth having socialist policies whilst propping up discriminatory power structures with your words — especially if you end up losing elections and not having a chance to implement those policies (ahem).

What Jeremy says is important. It is already having an impact. It is necessary to change political discourse and sway voters. Frankly yes, I am disappointed with progress so far. But there is too much blame on the shoulders of (qualitatively proven) biased, dishonest media, and large parts of the PLP that seem to share these traits, to ignore, or relegate as a secondary issue. Criticism has always fallen squarely on the shoulders of the leadership, which, while being (indeterminately) inadequate, is at least with good and honest intentions and by wish of the majority of Labour Party members (who, ultimately, are the only people who matter when concerning Labour Party leadership). I think there definitely needs to be more criticism drawn to those sabotaging the Labour party with bad intentions.

This is longer than it has any right to be:

tl;dr Language is important. Don’t forget that.

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