Flat terrain is really boring — venturing into uncertainty that is my late 20s.

This post is unlike my others — but I actually wanted to write something and publish it as opposed to confining it to my ‘Drafts’ folder until it says what I want it to. This post doesn’t require comprehensive research or insane amounts of logos to make an appeal. It’s just me slathering words into a web browser.

I’m embarking on my late twenties — the real point this occurred was probably last year, but “25” can go either way. 26 is definitively the latter half of the number line. And it’s that number line that I’m currently looking out on.

A year ago I bought my first real mountain bike — and loved it. I bought a commuter as well for the express purpose of being able to make it to Southern Sun from my downtown Boulder apartment a little quicker. I’ve never been a fan of road-esque biking, but one day about eight months ago I had to do a serious-multi-mode commute (bike -> bus -> lightrail -> bike -> race car) to pick up my 24 Hours of LeMons race car from a shop down in south Denver, and this involved a really long, really flat stretch of biking. And it was boring. I wished I brought some earbuds or some reading material. It was a tedious activity so that I could go disassemble my bike and drive a car with a roll cage back to Boulder. Awkward. What I mean to say is this: that flat section got me to where I needed to go quickly. I picked up Elsa (the race car) right as the shop opened and made it back sans traffic. It was convenient. But it wasn’t fun. Driving forty miles in a car with a roll cage and no HVAC in the fall was fun.

I still don’t feel the need for boredom and monotony. My commute to work does happen on that very bike, but it’s also now involves a few hundred feet of vertical. And when I want, I take the mountain bike or a sports car on a long route.

I think that simply arriving at your destination is boring. And I’m definitely not doing that — for better or worse. Hopefully the number line has some great elevation changes and views in the coming years.