Can Stem Cells Treat Arthritis?

Following rigorous and successful tests using stem cell therapies for curing arthritis in animals, doctors are now transferring their discoveries into clinical settings to treat arthritis in humans. Unlike surgery, stem cell therapy is a non-invasive procedure that patients can undergo and then resume their normal daily routine with minimal downtime. Many patients return to work within a few days of the procedure, saving them from the extended period of time off from work that surgery usually requires. Infection and other complications are just a few of the potential adverse side effects of surgery, but since stem cell therapy uses stem cells derived from the patient’s own body, there is zero risk of infection or other complications.

Stem cell therapy was once a controversial medical technique because stem cells could only be harvested from human umbilical cords in earlier procedures. Doctors later discovered a reserve of stem cells in adult bone marrow, and it is these stem cells that are used to treat arthritis and a host of other ailments. When activated, these powerful, specialized cells can heal inflamed bones and joints and regenerate the tissues or organs they’re injected into, and since stem cells come from the patient’s own body, the risk of infection and other complications is minimal.

Stem cells can be administered throughout the body in several ways, including transitionally, intravenously, or via direct injection into the injured or affected area of the body. As a result of the later method of delivery, stem cells can be directly injected into damaged or injured knee joints, thus drastically reducing the need for knee replacement surgery.

Amniotic stem cell therapy denver is a revolutionary, non-invasive procedure that doctors are using to treat arthritis and heal and regenerate damaged joints. Amniotic stem cell therapy can not only cure arthritis and alleviate arthritis pain, but the procedure can also restore normal mobility and functionality to the affected joints. Before you undergo surgery to repair a damaged joint or alleviate chronic joint pain, schedule a consultation to explore the benefits and advantages of amniotic stem cell regenerative therapy first. Stem cell therapy may provide a safer, faster, and more effective alternative to surgery in strengthening and repairing your joints.