Nickel Novelette: Hermione’s UTI

“It’s just obnoxious, Ron, like one hundred mosquito bites, I don’t know how else to explain it.” “But Hermione, I thought even muggles can fix this, how bad can it be? And you’ve been through a lot worse, don’t you remember when-” “When Dolohov sent the silent curse through my chest and I had to take ten potions a day to get better — YES, Ron, I do remember. Of course that hurt like, like bloody hell. But straight out pain can be rationalized, compartmentalized. This itching and sense of… “unfulfillment” is just so distracting, and you know how much I hate being interrupted from my work.” “Alright, well, can I help you look up a spell or potion to fix it?” “Ronald, if you think for one moment I plan to point my wand there and hope I’m performing a spell correctly for the first time under these circumstances — you do realize Healers have extensive education past their NEWTs? And I’ve already checked on the potion, it takes more than a day to brew, and I’m not trusting anyone but a Healer to provide it, so unless you want to endure my irritable attitude for even longer, I suggest we head straight over after work and hope the St. Mungo’s waiting room isn’t too busy. I would just take antibiotics, but that will still be a while before they work, and when magic is available to speed up the process…” “If this — I mean, I believe this is bothering you as much as you say, so would you maybe like me to send a quick owl over to Augustus Pye and see if he can see you right away? My dad kept up with him after the whole snake venom antidote thing, they really hit it off, they actually meet for lunch every other Thursday. He’s now one of the leaders at Mungo’s in treating muggle illnesses, combining medicines and practices with potions and spells. He’s a real nice bloke.” “I… thank you, Ron. I mean it. I’m sorry for snapping at you, it’s just — ” “I understand, Hermione, you don’t have to apologize. It’s always nice when you let me help you out. We make a good team, you know. You are brilliant and independent, but it doesn’t hurt to check if I have a few tricks up my sleeve.” “I’ll keep that in mind for the next time this comes up.” “Please do. In the meantime, I’ll be requesting several extra pints of that potion, just in case.”