Paul, great take as you really put a spotlight on one of the storytelling dynamics I discuss in the…
Scott Myers

Fabulous insight, Scott. Thanks for bringing up the internal monologue. That really enhances what we were talking about in terms of what she learns. The more I think about it, the more I think that Zootopia does hit the beats right on the mark. If we look at it through it being a coming of age story, the end of act 1 would probably be a lot earlier than page 30. I think the caper buddy/story is an engine built into act 2, but it’s only one part mixed into the more important coming of age story. There’s a caper in it, but it’s not completely a caper movie, hence the caper and team up can come later than page 30, since the caper would not be the end of act 1. I think shifting the point of view from the fox to the bunny allowed them to explore the central theme of this movie much better. I love how they accomplish the theme, without being heavy handed about it…if a regular viewer was watching they probably wouldn’t realize they are watching some message/theme, they’re just moved by the characters. But, this is something you have to watch in the theater (or in your case rent it). You get to see all of Judy Hopps cute reactions and that hilarious Sloth. I never expected Zootopia to be my favorite movie of the year (I haven’t seen Rogue One yet so maybe Rogue will overtake it), but there was something heartwarming about this movie that I just loved it — -kind of the same way when I discovered Gone With the Wind, Ghost, the Apartment….

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