Brutal inderior design ideas

Brutal home interior is a good choice not for only a single man, but also for everyone who wants to make his/her home unique, unusual and extra-ordinary. Let’s throw off all stereotypes, and turn on a designer vision of how your living room, home office or bedroom should look.

So what is a brutal interior? It is not a concrete style, but style, which is shown in details, colors, strict and straight lines & silhouettes that work together to add a new sort of charisma and distinctive designer vibe to the entire room. As the name says, there is no place for too much bright, curvaceous or cheerful palettes and classic décor elements in modern brutal style. Start experimenting, combine different modern designs, choose right colors and shades, and show your individuality.

Brutal theme in home interior design goes hand in hand with modern styles and genres such as minimalism, loft, hi-tech, Mid-Century and Scandinavian. But if you like traditional style but also want to make your interior more brutal, choose furniture in dark colors, such as brown, grey and black. A little portion of classic flair in your modern living space or bedroom is able to bring elegant visual contrast.

Dark color palettes are perfect for brutal modern interior. Dark shades (black, greys, browns etc.) can be applied to any surfaces including walls, ceiling, floors, and of course, furniture: leatherette or fabric upholstered sofas and chairs, wooden coffee tables, lamps, different types of accessories, rugs etc. Black furniture combined with wooden floors, modern wall art, and different textures and surfaces is able to give your home interior a brand new designer vibe.

The contrast of dark toned, brick or concrete walls and modern colorful wall art would serve as a bold accenting element in your living room. Different accessories, such as statuettes and vases with unusual shapes are perfect choice for completing the whole picture.

Modern, contemporary and Mid-Century styled furniture is the best choice for today’s brutal interior. A small amount of traditional styled furniture pieces or accessories in dark color palette would bring some visual contrast without killing the concept of achromatic palette and strict minimalist lines.

The beauty of brutal interior hides in details, shapes and textures you use in your living room, kitchen home office, bedroom etc. There are many ways to make your interior bolder and more impressive:

  • Brick or faux brick walls gives a “non-accurate” look to the room’s design;
  • Natural wood furniture elegantly completes the overall look;
  • Leather furniture with grained texture;
  • Contrast of styles and shapes (natural plants and flowers combined with minimalist modern furniture and dark toned theme);
  • Furniture and décor elements with dark palette as a dominate color theme;
  • Accent of natural wood, stone, metal, leather etc.

Brutality in home interior is a naturalness, a simplicity of lines, a minimalist finish, non-standard accessories, and harmony and elegance of styles, shapes and colors. Shape, texture and color are the main criterions when choosing a furniture for your home. The material may range from wood and metal to plastic and glass.

There are no strict rules, no any limits. Brutal interior offers flexibility when choosing styles, colors and materials. It’s simple, minimalist and natural in everything from walls & ceiling, floors to furniture and accessories.