Day One — Setting up Tinder

In order to use Tinder, you need to download the Tinder App, easy enough to do. Done.

I am then given two options: Login with Facebook or Login with Phone Number.

I am not sure which one is worse. Do I want to give my personal information to Tinder or my phone number which I will never change — Catch 22? I decided to give my phone number — at this point in time, it seems a less risky decision.

Name: Should I use my real name? I don’t see that there is any upside in doing this. I use a pseudonym.

Age: Do I give my actual date of birth, but I should tell my age correctly? I use the correct year but wrong day and month. Do people use their correct age on this platform?

Profile photo: The importance of a good profile photo is almost impossible to overstate. A good one will be clicked on, a dud means an immediate left swipe. Make sure it isn’t the only part of your profile the swiper ever sees.”

It recommends that I put a photo with me smiling, in my best clothes. Only me in the photo with my face showing. Ok, I found a picture of me in a suit. Let’s see how that goes.

Other photos (it seems to be very important to include other photos):

Be genuine: Let me try and find pictures of my hobbies — but I don’t really have any. Ok, found some pictures of playing sports. I think this is a hobby.

Group photos good — in moderation: I don’t like groups. I can’t use a photo of me in a hike recently because it says that I can’t use photos with other girls as it would confuse the situation. I guess that makes sense.

Utilize Instagram: I don’t use Instagram. I guess I will have to pass on this.

Common types of photos:

Topless / workout: “No, no, no.”: Good, I wasn’t planning to do this.
Holding cute animals / babies: I can do this. I have a cat and goddaughter.
With a celebrity: I don’t understand this one at all. Why would anyone care that I know a celebrity. Would Madam Tussauds be ok? Will leave this one.
Selfies: “No more than one selfie on your profile — if any.” — One selfie added.
Playing sport/music: “Absolutely.” Done.
Obscure “action” shots (e.g. skydiving): “Definitely. These types of photos are an easy way for a person to learn more about you and start a relevant conversation. Plus, it shows your adventurous side.” I guess I will have to pass on this. I am not adventurous. Why does everyone have to be adventurous? Maybe I should create boring Tinder? I assume there are more boring people than fun people?
Landmarks, especially foreign landmarks (e.g. pyramids): “For sure — this is another great conversation starter. You can learn a lot about someone by striking up a conversation about travel.” I have been to these landmarks, I never thought of taking pictures though.

I don’t think I am doing very well so far.


“Never skip the bio section — girls are 99 per cent less likely to swipe right on you if you aren’t willing to share some basic info about yourself.”

Keep it focused “Keep it short and sweet. Include a hobby or two, a quote from one of your favourite TV characters, what types of people you’d like to meet, or a fun fact. It’s not a bad idea to show how strong your emoji game is, either. While an obscure reference may puzzle some, it could also help find you the perfect match.”

Included hobbies. All my favourite characters/quotes are from the Godfather. I am not sure if I should be quoting this. I don’t think I should be mentioning any fun facts — what if there are not funny? I don’t know how to use emojis — I will avoid them as well. This bio is going to be quite short. (Wish me even more luck)

Be open, not obnoxious: I have mentioned that I am sometimes too honest. I hope I have not been “obnoxious”. I think I am ok, obnoxious means “extremely unpleasant”.

Don’t go overboard: Written about 100 characters. I don’t think that is too much.

Job Title/College: I put this information. It says it this is important to ensure that I am employed (correct) and we may be from the same university — makes sense.

Profile done. I think I now have to swipe right or left. I hope the interface is not like snapchat.