Time to write something…

D: challo… here’s come our first blog as writers{sounds COOL} as P is thinking about what to write i’ll start with my day.

P: So we wanted to meet a friend whose birthday we missed yesterday. And now after meeting her we realized that we did not buy a GIFT!!

D: I am telling you all boys are

S=>{ Sanctimonious}A=>{Abnormal}M=>{MEan}=>E{Egoistic}. My experience with guys speaks a different story to tell…

P: Can you believe it we walked for one and half hours today?? Trying to find the perfect place to have a nice time. Well, wanna know the result? We ended up in a pretty weird place. Ordered some stupid rice {stuffed with all sorts of things- mushrooms, beans, chilies, garlic, baby corn and what not}. The experience was not what we expected.

D: So being in same college we became friends at bus stop. Calling became ritual and sharing the day became tradition… I liked all about him.. His passion, desire to achieve his goal and his continued efforts to get a girl.

P: So we ate and all.. we needed a desert to complete the meal. But..But.. D says she wants to eat pani puri.. now what? Dosti ki hai nibhani to padegi!! but who will do the “nibhane” wala part?? End result- We ate brownie blast !! hahaha (evil laugh).

D: Everything was going good but this is Life and shit happens! He started to avoid me..I tried to make things up but efforts went to a big hole. Finally I said let’s stop communication. Another blast — he said he is okay with it. Lesson learned!! Life goes on with or without people.

P: And after brownie we ate pani puri. ;-) So I guess we both passed the Friendship Examination {LOL its a big word}. All’s well that ends well.

PS- These are two different events on the same day. Don’t be confused.