Realize The Dream Of A Wonderful Life With Opportunities In Ireland

Republic of Ireland is fast becoming an attractive overseas location for individuals looking forward to their lives abroad. Ireland boasts of some of the finest quality education hubs, not to mention the exceptionally growing economy. With the lesser opportunities of a fair employment in India and the growing social insecurity, more and more people are opting foreign locations in search of a better quality life and a handsome pay.

Some of the reasons why Ireland is increasingly a great choice are:

  • High per capita income, around €39,000.
  • Flexible work norms and a friendly environment.
  • Strong institutions of law and order.
  • Pleasant climate without the scorching summers.
  • Less population density.

Even language is not much of a barrier as English is widely spoken, although Irish being the official language. But the difficulties arise during the application process. Skilled workers looking for Ireland skilled immigration would find that it is no piece of cake. A bundle of formalities juxtaposed with elevated eligibility criteria makes the task very troublesome. Hiring a consultant comes in handy in such situations.

Also, Ireland prefers to employ Irish and EEA nationals first, thus the number of vacancies reduces significantly. In such a case, even a small mistake in the application form could prove fatal.

Non EEA i.e. European Economic Area nationals are mandatorily required to have a valid employment permit. Without it, it is illegal to work in Ireland. Also upon entry to Ireland, interested candidates are required to show:

  • A valid entry visa
  • Certificate of registration issued by the immigration bureau
  • Passport valid for at least 6 months post arrival

Interviews are conducted for highly skilled occupations depending upon the number of skilled workers shortage in a particular industry. Out of the many who apply, some are selected and are invited to attend the interview on a 90 day temporary visa. Only the successful interviewees are eligible for a work permit, which is valid for 2 years initially and could be renewed afterwards for 3 more years. The holders of the permit could work for the list employer and the listed occupation only. But change of employer is not so tedious a process.

Ireland attracts many given the picturesque landscape and a thriving economy, not to mention the absolutely fantastic quality of life. To get your dream job, avoid the unnecessary hassles and hire a skilled migration to Ireland consultant. One may actually end up saving money and time. But, it should also be made sure that the selected firm has experience in Ireland immigration and is up to date with the new changes in the policy and rules, devoid of complaints of fraud.