How to Make Money as a Social Media Influencer (Social Marketing)

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Today I want to talk about Social Media Influencers and how anyone can influence the masses and make money with Social Marketing.

“An influencer is quite simply someone who carries influence over others. A social media influencer is someone who wields that influence through social media.”

It’s interesting, the biggest influencers today are kids with millions of followers and so much cash they don’t know what to do with it.

As a social media influencer, money is made through shoutouts, brand deals, CPA/CPC networks, arbitrage and pop up shops. The bigger your following, the more money you can make! It’s like any business, the money is in the list.

Ten years ago the way you built a list was through email. Today, with social media, platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram enable you to not only build a following faster but to be able to engage with your followers at a more personal level. And while it’s generally not as targeted, social traffic is very powerful.

Now I’m not going to pretend to know all the secrets of social media marketing. While I have amassed hundreds of thousands of email subscriber’s (through search and my own businesses), I have yet to put that same effort into social media. My businesses are built on search BUT in a few years, that could all shift to social media. That said, I do know leaders in the space and here is what I’ve learned.

Firstly, most influencers grow their accounts with automation and cash. It’s about paid shoutouts, brand deals and a growing list of tools. While you can grow your audience with high quality content and manual work, there is only so much you can do on your own if you’re not a celebrity. You want paid shoutouts to grow your accounts quickly and the RIGHT tools.

As far as making money as an influencer it’s totally dependent on the niche, some niches perform better than others (think niche not broad). Content should be a good mix of 75% high value content (education, entertainment, demonstration) vs 25% money making content (products, services, CPA, shoutouts, etc).

The job of a influencer is to engage with followers by story telling and within that story promote products and services to make money. With email marketing for example you give away content that entertains, educates or demonstrates something of value and within that content promote money making products and services. The same can be done with social marketing.

How do Social Media Influencers Make Money?

Your own Products & Services.

Selling your own products and services is the most profitable way to make money online regardless of where you have a following online. Of course products have to make sense for your niche and it would be great if products actually helped your followers (maybe it solves a problem they have). In my own business I solve problems by providing guides and other services that help my following. Once you have a following, STICK to that following and produce MORE products and services for your followers. It’s MUCH easier to increase your income by selling to your current list than it is to generate new customers with each new product you produce.

Affiliate Marketing

The next best thing is to promote other people’s products and services for income. Affiliate marketing brings in about 20% of my income. Think of complementary products and services that your followers may like, maybe it’s something they talk about on a daily basis or ask a lot about. If the product exist already, sign up as an affiliate and push it to your followers. It’s easier than producing your own products or service BUT it’s not as profitable.

Networks to try: Clickbank, CJ, Amazon, etc.

Paid Ad Spots/Shoutouts

For a more consistent flow of income, shoutouts and ad spots come into play. The value is in your list and with paid shoutouts and ad spots you charge advertisers for access. Today it’s a tedious process of back and forth negotiations with advertisers but FlipMass by Stephan T Johnson is making it easier. The FlipMass app enables you to buy and sell advertisements directly with other influencers and advertisers. It’s an easy to use app that is gaining a lot of traction. Try it FlipMass.

Alternatively Put your Kik / WhatsApp username into your Bio with a catch phrase similar to “for business inquiries.” You can also sell shoutouts at Fiverr & BuySellShoutout type sites.

Promote Viral Content Networks

You make money by the click. In the past you could create simple Adsense sites and push traffic to it for income. Now that Adsense has devalued social traffic, that’s a no-go. Luckily there are other networks that will pay you per click (generally around .01 per click). While social media is not as targeted as search it’s still worth money to the right advertiser.

Networks:, ChaCha, SkyLikes / Fans2Cash / Mylikes

Tools to Grow Your Accounts Faster

MassPlanner, Instagress, FollowLiker, HootSuite

The money is in the list. The bigger your following the more income you can expect. Social media believe it or not is still in the early stages. It’s not too late to establish yourself and dominate your niche for years to come.. if you have a following already think of products and services your followers would enjoy and give it to them! Continue to grow your following and engage on a daily basis if possible.

My goal with social marketing is to build up accounts through automation tools and paid shoutouts. I will than push those followers to email (where I have automated email sequences) to sell my products and services. To me social is just another form of traffic (like search). It’s to be manipulated like search and used to benefit my products and services.

That to me is social marketing.

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