Celebrating an Anniversary

A year ago, I began a journey to change the way folks looked at Developer and Community Relations. DevRelate.io was born just a few days before that, officially on October 1, 2018. And it’s been an exciting year.

I started off with a couple of friends who were willing to take a chance on a new method of DevRel, people who had been brave enough to start their own organizations and change the way things were done. Were it not for David Padilla and his team at Michelada.io along with Paul Campbell and the folks at Tito, DevRelate.io might never have gotten off the ground.

But get off the ground we did! Helping folks with everything from content development to speaking engagements, mentoring new DevRel folks to running a conference dedicated to an old friend. 34 events, 17 blog posts and articles, 5 continents, and many, many handshakes and hugs with members from so many great communities. DevRelate.io grew and we hired our first employee who isn’t me!! Billie joined DevRelate.io to help with travel and logistics, and I couldn’t be happier.

We’ve proven it’s possible to do this, so we want to extend the invitation to be a part of it to everyone looking to enhance their community involvement around the globe. DevRelate.io is happy to add more clients and help them with their community needs.

Feel free to reach out. And check out all our awesome clients that help make this happen!

It’s been an amazing roller coaster year! We can’t wait to see what year two…and three, and four, and five…have to bring!!