Press Release: Bloch is now Hypi!

In the world of applications built for businesses, there are no simple ways to put your new application in a store where your potential customers can see what you have to offer. Just a couple of years ago, Courtney Robinson and his team decided that needed to change. This is where BlochApp was born.

While the main focus of strictly being a B2B app store has grown and evolved since the first seed was planted, the idea behind it remains unchanged.

Today, we are announcing that Bloch has officially changed its name to Hypi (pronounced High Pie) and we are launching the store that will change everything for B2B app stores.

Offering a range of services, the main focus of Hypi is to deliver the best applications and make them easy to find. With our Supported service, our team will help to build the application, deliver and update it as needed, and to distribute it through our app store. With our Community service, you’re in charge, get the app built, we provide store support and your fellow Hypiers are there to help foster ideas and growth in the community. The Hypi network of developers stand behind you and your amazing ideas!

Though our name has changed, our vision remains, we plan to bring more of the best business and productivity applications to the marketplace! Check out the existing applications in our store and consider how we can help get your application out there into the world or get in touch!