ASKfm Launches the ASQ Protocol

After all preparations have been completed, ASKfm is ready to introduce its new ASQ Protocol to the crypto community. This innovative development is aimed at tackling many existing problems of content creators.

The existing system of content distribution and monetization is centralized, censored and manipulated by industry giants like Google, Facebook, and others. As the result, all the creators get is small rewards. Besides, they have to adjust their content the way those giants want.

The new ASQ Protocol is going to solve that problem by allowing users to get rewarded for their knowledge and experience in a democratic and decentralized manner. It will create a new economy, which makes it possible for content creators to retain all the profit rather than share it with middlemen.

The project’s CEO, Max Tsaryk, commented:

“We have recognized that our original idea touched profound problems underlying the content economy, but at the same time exposed a way for new opportunities. Thus, we decided to expand the scope of our project.”

New Horizons with New Protocol

ASKfm is currently one of the biggest social Q&A networks in the world, where users ask each other questions openly or anonymously. It combines Q&A social network and a communication platform relying on user anonymity, which makes it essentially different from its competitors. However, ASKfm complements rather than competes with other apps used by its target audiences — such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and YouTube.

Now, to broaden its horizons, ASKfm launches a protocol with a ready-made ecosystem for a huge user base, consisting of its own 215 million users, as well as 45 million users of NING ecosystem offering customized social network solutions for businesses and supporting more than 2 million online communities. This would allow content creators to expand their audience and share their work with a larger number of people, consequently, increasing their rewards. With over 100 million installs on iOS and Android, ASQ gives creators a possibility to succeed and seek the right markets for their work.

The ASQ Protocol has 21 million monthly active users at the start, with the number constantly growing. But the most important thing is that the system allows excluding intermediaries, thus allowing to establish better prices for the customers and, at the same time, higher rewards for high-quality content. The creators will get paid in the Protocol’s own ASQ tokens.

About the ASQ Protocol

The ASQ Protocol is backed by a proficient team of advisors and industry leaders from the US to Asia and the Middle East, allowing the project to consolidate its value proposition in the emerging digital economy, and to help integrate it with developments in the gaming, social media, marketing, dating, and many other fields. The advisory board includes such well-known personalities from the world of blockchain and FinTech, as Jay Eum, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Translink Capital, Simon Dixon, CEO and Co-Founder of Bnktothefuture.Com, Fintech Angel Investor, Nimrod May, CMO at Sirin Labs, a blockchain consumer electronic company, Uriel Peled, Co-Founder at Orbs and HEXA GROUP and other professionals.

ASQ Team members are actively participating in the life of the crypto community. For instance, the project’s CEO Maxim Tsaryk and CIO Anfisa Anikushina are going to participate in Consensus event that will take place in Singapore on September 19–20. They are also planning to attend TEAMZ Blockchain Summit held on September 28–29 in Tokyo.

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