Placing Tokens Atop Mt. Everest to Kick Off ASKfm 2.0 — A True Statement of Ambition

On May 14th, Mount Everest was conquered by four crypto enthusiasts in an expedition by ASKfm 2.0. The information reached us as soon as they’ve descended back to one of the base camps. ASKfm 2.0 officials confirmed it’s true. These guys have organized an entire alpine expedition to bring their tokens to the top of world’s highest mountain and mark a start of their ICO campaign. Their motivation behind that? They just can.

Why do that, you ask?

On a market where launching a blockchain endeavor is not really a newsbreak, companies have to stand out. ASKfm 2.0, being one of world’s top 10 social networks and world’s largest Q&A platform, can definitely afford making symbolic statements and drawing attention. The statement here is that ASKfm 2.0 is not at all afraid to rise to challenges. They’re conquering Everest because it’s out there to conquer. By doing so they claim: if they’re bold enough to do it, they’re bold enough to turn a social network into a blockchain ecosystem, and they’re definitely bold enough to overturn the market with their new product.

The highest token, literally

In an unconventional way to launch the token sale, ASKfm 2.0 builds their communication upon the idea of an ascending trend. That’s a pun, of course, but also a leadership claim. While others try sophisticated marketing techniques, these guys went out there and put themselves right on top of the highest mountain on the planet. An elegant way to boast ideological superiority to every other crypto. A way quite strangely unexplored before. Even memes-wise, think about the closest starting point to reach the moon. It seems so obvious, yet no one has done it.

Aiming at Heights

That’s the slogan for the ASKfm 2.0 expedition. Four of the team members bring Ledger wallets to Nepal to do something fun. 500,000 ASKT tokens worth $50,000 USD will be raffled out to whitelisted members while the other 500,000 ASKT will stay on the peak of Mt. Everest for someone who is brave enough to climb the mountain. That may not be Everest tokenized, but it’s definitely tokens Everested.

One Hell of a Climb

The group left Mt. Everest base camp #4 on May 13th, 2018, at night local time and headed towards the peak. For two days straight, they were on an altitude so high that there were no means of communication with them. For the final stretch of the ascent and the beginning of the descent, they couldn’t be reached with cell phones, internet, or GPS. Of course, there were issues. While descending, two of the guys were stuck at above 7,000 metres with no reserve oxygen for the entire period and were unable to continue due to the extreme weather and health conditions. Air rescue responded on the second day, they’re both safe and currently receiving treatment.

As a result, one Ledger wallet is officially up there for the bravest to grab. The other Ledger will be raffled off soon with anyone whitelisted for a chance to win $50,000 worth of tokens. The lucky winner will be picked randomly later this summer. Stay tuned and be sure to follow us on Social Media — we will be posting the video of the raffle draw there!



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