Introducing Feeds Avatar NFT Standard

What is Feeds Avatar NFT Standard and why do we need to follow them?

The Feeds Avatar NFT Standard is introduced to iron out some of the issues which have been overlooked by many. Let’s take a look at several issues we have identified below:


The majority of users in the NFT space tend to download and set the purchased NFT as their new profile picture on social media platforms. Starting Feeds v2.0.5, the asset typeAvatar will be added to the Create Collectible screen and all new Avatar NFTs purchased from Pasar, can be set directly as your Feeds Channel/Profile picture without the need to download to local device beforehand. Since the dimensions of the avatar are set as a standard, the Avatar NFTs are not cropped to fit the required dimensions. There is no real difference between asset type — General and Avatar except that there are some technical requirements for Avatar NFTs in order to be minted.

Avatar NFT feature will be integrated in Feeds v2.0.5

Technical Requirements

Technically, you are not required to follow this new standard when minting any type of NFTs particularly the avatar ones like Phantz Club, Elastos Ape, ELApunks and so on. Existing collections can continue to be minted as before or adhere to the new standard (Avatar).

  • Canvas size must be 600x600 pixels
  • Supported file types : GIF, JPEG, JPG, PNG
  • Maximum file size is 5MB

Additional Requirements (Feeds recommended requirements — optional)

  • Objects do not leave the canvas
  • Animation length does not exceed 10 seconds (GIF)
  • All animations are looped (GIF) — seamless loop
  • All animations runs at maximum 30 Frames Per Second (GIF)

Feeds X Data Droidz — The Avatar NFT Project

📢We are also proud to announce that Data Droidz will become the first NFT project to follow the Feeds Avatar NFT Standard🔥

Data Droidz NFT Collection
10 Data Droidz up for grabs!
Sample Animated Avatar (NFT) on Feeds


Creators should take advantage of this new feature to promote their collectibles and hopefully we’ll get to see more animated avatars on Pasar soon!😁


Feel free to ask any questions if you have one. Don’t forget to check out the links below!



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