Handheld Barcode scanner for iPhone

Barcode scanner is a device that has the ability and capacity to read and scan items for identification of products. It is very useful and important in malls and shops. Years before now, we are aware of Barcode scanners that do these jobs produced from different companies with various features and functionalities and even to the extent of having handheld barcode scanner manufactured. However, you can now use your iPhone as handheld barcode scanner as the scanner. These handheld barcode scanner for iPhone are produced by AsReader and are in various series based on differences in features and functions. The AsReader handheld Barcode scanner for iPhone is a low cost device that boast of advanced scanning while allowing continued use of iPhone features. It is the best handheld barcode scanner with iPhone light weight that increases its portability and comfort of carrying and handling. There are several advanced handheld scanner for iPhone on the AsReader list for now they are very effective, efficient and of great quality. Their differences are based on the type of code they can scan and read. The first, is the 1D Barcode scanner which has an ultra-compact design and 141.9 x 64.4 x 17.8mm (5.59" x 2.54" x 0.70"), with a weight of about 80 grams (without the weight of iPhone ® or iPod Touch ®). It supports the scanning of the code in the picture below

Reading code example

The next AsReader scanner is the 2D Barcode which also compact and with weight of about 90 grams (without the iPhone ® or iPod Touch ®). The dimension is 141.9 x 64.4 x 17.8mm (5.59" x 2.54" x 0.70") and it can read the type of code shown in the picture below

More information and how to buy you copy is available on www.asreader.com