Airbnb’s racism problem is much bigger than a few racist hosts.
David Robinson

Interesting post, thanks! I live in the UK, have been a Airbnb user and recently started hosting. I’m also on couch surf and I always felt the almost need to welcome people from all over the world and share experiences. Must be of being an immigrant myself. One of the things AirBnB is very different from an hotel is ability to choose our guests, using whatever info is available. That might promote racism, its true. You might even mention that the only thing we should be able to see is reviews. I’m not sure. To be honest, I think that depends on the fact a person is a racist or not. Well, the fact is that us humans begin to be racists and bigots. Its just “different”. Different is awkward and can be “dangerous”. Its trough constance practice of humanity, education and just shittin’ on racism that one actually is not a racist. Its saying and knowing that your child is free to love and marry whoever. As long she’s happy. Regarding multi-property hosts and Airbnb overall, its complicated. On one hand, not enough supply drives prices way up and Airbnb becomes something I use 1x/Y. A normal B&B costs around 60–80. In my area for instance, there’s a lot of need in my area for short term accommodation (1–3 months) but nobody is willing to do it. 3 months is huge for an Airbnb guest, its like flat sharing, while renting a room for just 3 months is almost impossible since most rooms here are rented to students. So, there’s a need, without a supply. I also think that single hosts should be first on the search engine, but like you just did, its a choice. Customers need some space to be allowed to make that choice. I want to have a few people, because I really like the concept. I can understand that it seems a bit too much when a new job is a “Airbnb Host”, but regulating kills it. Using “Data Science” to make it less this or that? For that, I would need to develop algorithms that identify black people, so that I could Id Hosts that are being racists. Do you really want to do that? End of the day, my guest didn’t have a profile picture, but I was able to find trough Facebook that he was a black muslim. I accepted the booking without giving a second thought and it all went fine. Racism is within us and only we can kill it.