Afterthought #1

So today i finished watching the Netflix series 13 reasons why despite having so much other important things to do because the show was so damn haunting and i just cant do anything else before i finished it. I think if you are socially active in the social media, or you like Selena Gomez (cause she’s one of the producers) you’ll know what it is about but if you don’t, it tells a story of a high school girl who killed herself and left 13 tapes talking about the reasons and the people that causes her to do it. Yeah the title tells it all but anyway this series is overall quite depressing and sad and addictive so you better not watch it in the middle of exams or anything that needs you to be emotionally stable and stuff.

I have lots of thoughts about this series but what bothers me most and forced me to write this is that i once knew someone back in school who was thinking of committing suicide, and i was one of the people that could be in the tapes-if it happened. Unbelievable right.

So right know i just keep thinking what if it happened over and over again and how stupid i was to just ignored the person and didn’t take it seriously and just do nothing about it. I didn’t know what to do at that time and it was the first time that i know such person and i’m sorry that i thought you were just seeking for attention and you’re just messing around with it.

This series is like an eye-opener for me and i know you’re doing well right know but still, if you happen to read this, i’m sorry again. And if it ever comes to your mind again-which i really hope it will not- you can reach out to me and i won’t let you down for a second time.

So yeah for those who haven’t watch this yet i do recommend you guys checking it out cause things that happened it the stories, whether we like it or not, do happens in real life and it sucks and not many people want to talk about it but who knows, we might face it somewhere in our lives so at least this can gives us some warnings and some idea what we should do and i think this is a good start.

And btw the songs are all super good. Yep fine if you have the same taste as i am. Bye.