‘sabr’ (cactus) or Prickly Pear. A symbol of Palestinian resilience

a lover conversing with a city (07)

(when belonging is no longer a burning dream)

They say if you truly love a city, you must freeze time — for time ceases to exist the moment she takes you within her walls. That you must forget all others, and only her name you’re allowed to whisper aloud. Your address to be within and beyond her comfort zone. To love a city, they say, is to destroy all other cities in your heart and mind. The sacred body none other than hers. Desire to your heart’s content. Leave nothing untouched. Unearth it all. The beauty of the moment is when belonging is no longer a burning dream.

You belong!

Go down on her darkness. The Inferno is here and now! The city burns your body till you scream! Mercy won’t be granted but have to be taken by force.

To love a city is to go beyond your square realism and leave behind what you think you know. Nothing makes sense while the tide is falling, and the bush is burning. The earth rotates around the moon now, and to hell with science, astronomy or logic. Rediscover the anatomy! Redefine philosophy! Gravitational impulses define the moment you live within her, and nothing else matters.

Dive deeper into the boundless sea. Whichever way, you will sink. You will suffocate. You surface to catch a breath, yet she will not permit you. You are drawn in. Disarmed. Resistance is futile! Submit, and you’ll be trapped beneath the rubble of flesh. Should you resist, you will be assimilated. You do not stop! You don’t know how to stop! You don’t want to stop! The lower you reach, the higher she goes.

To love a city is to take her like there’s no tomorrow.

(by assad abdi)

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