Denarius, an old currency for a new world

15 days ago, a friend specialized in mining, advised me to mine a little Denarius (D) which for him is really a project for the future and ambitious. Without hesitation, armed with my 3 GTX 1060, I began to undermine …. it is true that the rewards are 2 D per block, which means that I earn an average of 1.3 D per day (currently around 1300 sat).

Not understanding why the wallet of Denarius did not allow me to get staking, I went on their discord to inquire. In less than 5 minutes, a member of the specialist wallet team, explained to me why and especially what I had to do (and now my wallet stake !!) and little by little, I found myself in a friendly community , with a lot of good humor!

But, why do I tell you all this? because in truth I discovered a superb project based on the tribus algorithm, which allows increased security and exceptional encryption, with a wallet with a hybrid masternode (fortuna stake) and an atomic swap very well explained on their site:

I really advise you to be interested in this currency which will have only 10 000 000 of coins and those in 3 years !!

for any additional information or just to discover this superb community I advise you to join me on their channel discord:

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