Tech note: Using VueJS events together with v-model

Ensuring model synchronization occurs before your event handler is called

Use case

I want to use 2-way data binding and an event handler together on a form control.


When my handler is called, my model hasn’t been updated from the DOM.


  • It works on Chrome but fails in other browsers.
  • It used to work on VueJS 2.1.


Always use a change event handler in combination with v-modelon DOM elements to make sure the DOM → model synchronization occurs before your handler is called.

It’s possible to use v-model and an event handler on the same element. Let’s say for example that you need to take an action when a user clicks a radio button, and in the handler you want to know which radio button he clicked:

What event should you use in that example (for the v-on:something)? If you opt to use v-on:click, what will the clicked() function log? If you try the example in Chrome, it will work correctly, and it will output the value of the radio button that the user clicked. However, if you run it in Firefox, the console.log() will output the previous value. You can use this Codepen to see the behavior in action:

The results will vary on other browsers as well.

The reason this happens is because:

  1. When a user taps a radio button, some browsers dispatch the click event first, and then if the value of the radio button has changed, dispatch a change event. However, other browsers dispatch the change event first (if needed) and then the click event (e.g. Edge and Safari).
  2. To synchronize changes in the DOM to the model, Vue binds to the change event for every browser except Chrome, where it binds to click (see So for those browsers that emit click before change, the model value won’t be updated before your click handler is called.

To be safe, use the change event to make sure that your model is updated before your event handler gets called.



Original issue in github:

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