The Graph has officially launched their decentralized network, and PoolTogether is proud to be a launch partner. We’ve been using The Graph since day 1, and rely heavily on their excellent technology to offer a rich user experience. The new network will make the service resilient, censorship resistant, and allow anyone to participate.

The transition will occur largely behind the scenes. The major outward-facing change will be new monetization rules. There will now be fees for:

  • Creating and updating subgraphs
  • Querying subgraphs

PoolTogether end users will not be impacted by these changes! As a migration partner, we will be receiving…

This Wednesday, PoolTogether will launch an auditing contest through Code 423n4 (Code Arena in leetspeak). $60,000 USDC in prizes will be given away! This is a brand new way to audit code, and will cover key integrations for the PoolTogether protocol.

👉 Join the Code 423n4 Discord for contest details 👈

PoolTogether V3 was designed to support any no-loss yield source, and over the past few months the community has created integrations for:

We’re super excited to launch these integrations, as they will offer both larger prizes and a wider variety of assets…

The second PoolTogether Developers Call will be held on April 7th at 12:00pm PDT (GMT-7). This informal call will bring the developer community together to present ongoing projects and foster discussion.

This Wednesday we will:

  • Share new and on-going projects
  • Have an open discussion and Q&A

Anyone can join our call, and we especially encourage those who wish to start building on PoolTogether. Let’s talk shop!

This call will be held in the live audio channel of our Discord server.

Join us!

The first PoolTogether Developers Call will be held on March 24 at 12:00pm PDT (GMT-7). These informal calls will bring the developer community together to share information, discuss proposals, and coordinate efforts.

This Wednesday we will:

  • Introduce the PoolTogether architecture
  • Share new and on-going projects
  • Review dev backlog
  • Have Q&A session

Anyone can join our call, and we especially encourage those who wish to start building on PoolTogether. Let’s talk shop!

The call will be held on Google Meet

Hope to see you there!

Win a DeFi Loot Box this Hallow’s Eve

The first Prize Pool for PoolTogether V3 has grown way beyond our wildest expectations.

  • 1000+ players
  • 900,000+ tickets sold
  • Over $8700 USD in prizes

And it’s not even over.

The tickets themselves have generated a prize of over $1600 DAI, and the community has poured over $7100 USD worth of bonus prizes into this week’s draw! This Friday on Hallow’s Eve the goody bag will be awarded to one lucky winner.

The bonus prizes are a crypto starter pack: art, personal services, DAOs, money, finances, governance. This starter pack will give the winner a sampling of crypto’s latest innovations, including:

Over the past few weeks a number of our users have asked how PoolTogether selects winners. We’ve touched on the topic before in the article Inside PoolTogether v2.0, but we’ll elaborate in more detail here.

There are two main components to random winner selection:

  1. The source of entropy: where we get the “randomness” from.
  2. The winner selection algorithm: how we use the randomness to select a user fairly.

Note: if you don’t understand some the open and committed terminology you may want to scan Inside PoolTogether v2.0 for some insight.

Source of Entropy

In PoolTogether v2.0 the pool administrators provide the random number…

PoolTogether’s 3rd audit was completed by OpenZeppelin

Last week OpenZeppelin Security completed a comprehensive audit of our smart contracts. Their analysis found no serious issues, but did yield a number of areas that PoolTogether can improve.

We’ve highlighted our centralization in the past, but we’d like to do so again to maintain full transparency with the community.

The three major areas for improvement are contract upgradeability, the privileged administrator role, and our use of ERC777.

Contract Upgradeability

Contract upgradeability means that whoever controls the contract can replace it with any code of their choosing. …

The first version of PoolTogether was a roaring success: the community pooled over 150,000 DAI to generate nearly 800 DAI in prizes in only six weeks. The idea of interest as an instrument has now reached a fever pitch with a proliferation of clever projects such as rDAI and Pooled cDAI. We’re thrilled that this concept has gained traction and are excited to move forward alongside these dapps.

The PoolTogether community has given us great feedback in our Telegram channel, and we’ve been listening intently. From the praise, questions, and occasional scorn we determined that:

  1. Users must be automatically entered…

Note: this project has been discontinued in favour of Tightbeam. The rationale behind the new project remains the same, but the implementation has been streamlined and improved.

tldr; we have created a package called apollo-link-ethereum that links Apollo Client directly to Ethereum. We’ve really enjoyed developing with this package and encourage any Dapp developers to try it too.

I’ve been building Ethereum apps now for about a year. My toolset was the typical React + Redux + Redux Saga combination like many people use: until recently, when I decided to try something new.

I wanted a framework that:

  1. Simplified my…

tldr; easily integrate Zeppelin OS into an existing Truffle-based project using a migration pattern and Zeppelin OS to Truffle merge command. You can find a mirror of the tutorial and example code on Github

Zeppelin OS is a tool that manages contract deployment, upgrades, and packaging. It even cleverly detects and warns about memory structure changes in upgradeable contracts. With very little effort you can make all of your contracts upgradeable and enjoy an easy-to-use command line tool to manage them. It’s essential.

ZOS is designed to integrate with Truffle; a well-regarded suite of tools that allow one to easily…

Brendan Asselstine

Ethereum Blockchain Engineer, PoolTogether, Delta Camp

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