Flatwhite — Next Steps

Following on from my last post; I have spent a lot of time thinking, dreaming and talking to other PHP developers. It’s clear that any attempt to pursue “a new PHP” will be met with both support and opposition. And I think that’s ok.

I’ve also realised that some of my original ideas were too radical to conform to the goal of being as close to current PHP syntax as possible. Yes; I’m talking about braces and semi-colons. I love Python and CoffeeScript (having spent a great deal of time buried in both), but it’s too much to ask developers to try something that’s supposed to improve upon PHP but that’s also fundamentally different.

This conclusion has got me thinking that I should dedicate significant time planning syntax. If I pursue this thing; I want it to be a real improvement. That means it needs to be clear and consistent. A steep learning curve is a failure.

Over the coming weeks I will be talking about some of the new features which I would like to consider for the language. I’ll also keep on calling it Flatwhite for now. Don’t know if the name will stick but I don’t want to waste time on it before I know what sets the language apart. It’s clearly not inspired by CoffeeScript, entirely, anymore.

Let me petition you, the reader, to speak up. I value every bit of constructive feedback I get. I’m not going to be the only person building this. I’m not the only reason it’s being built.