“You shouldn’t be the way you are”

Religious rant about to happen. My apologies, in advance, if you’d rather not see it.

So many people (myself included) like the idea of an all-powerful God. But that only God can judge people? Pfff.

Let’s focus on Christians (because it’s what I know, and shouldn’t make assertions about other faiths I don’t…)

How many times do you recall Jesus telling prostitutes off as they wash His feet or prepare His food? Or tax collectors as they open their homes to feed him?

Jesus hung out in the bars and the slums, and people saw His love and approached for wisdom. They wanted to be around him because he wasn’t like the Pharisees.

The Pharisees (deeply religious Jewish folks of the time) were the ones “quoting Leviticus” to condemn His actions. They were the ones to “hop in on his mentions”.

Believing in something doesn’t mean everyone around you has to. Or that they have to listen. They’d be silly to if you can’t even bother to be kind to them.

You can hold onto what you believe without judging others who don’t believe the same. And they’re more likely to talk if you’re respectful and kind.

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