How To Use Asset Bank’s Image Library Software

Many companies, whether big or small, are likely to have a bank full of images that have different uses. Using a digital asset management system will organise files to ensure images are kept in the relevant areas for the right employees to use them.

Our Asset Bank image library software makes it extremely easy for this type of digital asset to be both stored and shared. Here are just a few of the features which makes ours a breeze to use:

Quickly upload & download files

You can simply create a brand new image library or, if you already have a gallery program that you like to use, you can migrate it into the system. When it comes to uploading the images into the library, this is simple too. There is the option of uploading one at a time or a whole batch in one go. Once uploaded, Asset Bank will automatically create image previews making it easier for you to locate the file you need in the future. You won’t need to think about the size of the images you upload either with the cloud being used to host them.

Download conversion presets

When downloading the images from the library, Asset Bank allows administrators to create download conversion presets so that, when others come to downloading them, they will be ready in the correct format to use straight away. The images can also be edited when downloaded so that they meet the requirements. Options for this include re-sizing, cropping and colour-space conversion.

Create lightboxes

Considered by our clients as one of the best features of our image library software, our lightbox functionality is extremely useful. This is a location where images can be stored prior to sharing or being previewed by any other user. If the user does then want these to be shared, it’s easy to do so.

Lightning fast search

Even with a large bank of images, our search features makes it possible to find what you are after in lightning speed. The search options include quick search, searching for specific criteria, more complex searches, search suggestions and wildcard searching.

Improved reports

As well as great usability for storage and use of the images, our software also includes reports. This enables users to see data on image popularity, the search times being used, any duplicates found and full audit logging.

Highly customisable

Although our image library features are great for the requirements of most businesses. We are also able to configure the image library for more specific or unique needs or an organisation.

More than just an image library

Image is normally the most common digital asset that organisations want to manage but this is not the only file Asset Bank DAM software can help you with. It is also fully equipped to store videos, presentations, spreadsheets and audio.

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