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When we talk about the assigned tasks which are most popular in the academic institutions all over the world, then the essay always tops the list. The essays are assigned with the noble motive of increasing the knowledge of the students so that they can understand the broad concepts of their subject. Some themes the topics are related to the course or subject of the students,or sometimes they have to write on abstract topics on various issues happening in the society. There are many universities which have included essay writing in their admission procedures which are known as the application or admission essays.

Essay writing should be tackled with sincerity,and you should give it proper time. The reason for taking the essay writing seriously is that it has a very significant weight age in the final grades as well. The final marks after the completion of a semester or a year in the college also include the marks obtained in various writing tasks. The students who achieve excellent scores in the academic writing often gain high grades in the overall assessments also.

The skills which you require to have to write a perfect essay

When it is about writing an academic essay which you have to submit to your college, then it is essential that you present a highly accurate paper. You need to possess specific skills if you want to become an expert in essay writing which are summed up as below:

· The first thing which you need to do when you set yourself for writing your paper is that you need to read and investigate the topic you have received from the college to write on. You should know how to collect the relevant information which is suitable to be included in your study. But your task does not end with the collection of the data only as you also need to have sorted the most important data and assembling it to give it a structure.

· The second skill which is necessary for writing a compelling essay is the ability to express your thoughts with vibrant and enticing language so that your reader does not stop before reading the essay entirely.

· You also have an in-depth knowledge of English language. Your vocabulary must be very rich so that you can use right words and phrases to convey your message efficiently. The knowledge of grammar is also a must-have for producing a precise essay.

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