Three Letters

My mind is an overgrown labyrinth of possibilities and associations and odds and ends I’ve picked up over the years that I weave together one day, then pull apart and re-sort the next. And the lifeblood of my mind, the powerful, omnipotent undercurrent is an impish and insatiable curiosity founded and fueled by my endless fascination with how things work, how they fit, how they think, how they react, and, of course, the one word that is endlessly graffitied on every surface, every cell, embossed on all transmissions received and sent, my painstakingly hand-stitched calling card, 3 letters written in invisible permanent ink on everything I come in contact with, in any form I happened to be inhabiting at the time of said contact; sometimes it’s a question, sometimes a sad closing statement, and sometimes, my favorite of the sometimes, it’s just part of the name of the folder that holds my latest acquisition of temporary satisfaction and those 3 letters glow, but not as bright as I do in that moment where I’ve given a name to what was once thought of as a variable but always suspected of being…an answer. Do you know those 3 letters? If you don’t, you should. They’ll change your life.