The goal of this application is to represent the services, processes, etc. visually.

We agreed to do a force-directed graph like this one But because there are more than 300 nodes to represent and we chose canvas over SVG for performance reasons.

So you know the bases, you work with React, Vue, Angular, Node, VanillaJS, but sometimes you get stuck on your code, and that’s frustrating you?
Or maybe you want to be better at coding challenges. …

The technological watch is good but can go a step further.

Automate everything you can

and deploy quickly with Netlify

VuePress is a static site generator made by the creator of VueJS. Vue-apollo, Vue-test-utils, etc., use this tool for their documentation. We will see how we can use it to create excellent documentation and deploy with Netlify.

Read my article on Netlify :


The code is here.

Let's get started.


If you are a Front-end Developer looking for a tool to deploy your website with a few configs and extras like Continuous Delivery, but DevOps world scares you, I recommend using Netlify. You can keep a familiar platform like Github, with just two inputs to fill in the interface. …

Assitan Koné

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