3 tips to challenge yourself as a Web Developer

Technological watch is good but can go a step further.

As a web developer, you have to be lazy. Every painful, repetitive task can be automated. Try doing a list to identify those repetitive tasks.

You don’t have a CLI in your project ? Create one. You can make a script that generates directories, files, specifically for your project.

If you are a Front-end Developer, try to use Node.js, make a little script or if you are interested in another language, it would be the opportunity to learn new things.

With platforms like Github, you can access to a large, free documentation. Be curious about how your modules work, especially the big ones.

For instance, you can check Redux-saga’s repository. They use very interesting features of ES.next.

You just have to go in the source code, read the code or clone the repository and play with it. Although it can be very intimidating, by doing in regularly it will be easier, more natural for you.

Whatever is well conceived is clearly said. And the words to say it flow with ease.

This sentence was said by the French author Nicolas Boileau. Indeed, what is very interesting is if you can’t explain something clearly, you may not have well understood the concept.

Make analogies, use visual images, make drawings.

With this approach, you can see what is not clear for you. This is a very good exercise. Try with your colleagues or even your friends, family, like so, you will see if you are capable of vulgarize.

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