Level up your JavaScript skills with 5 Github repositories

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So you know the bases, you work with React, Vue, Angular, Node, VanillaJS … but sometimes you get stuck on your code and that’s frustrates you ?
Or maybe you want to be better in coding challenges. No matter the reason, these Github repositories will help you to be a better JavaScript developer anyway.


You’ll find everything about algorithms and data-structure, it’s very complete, classed in two categories (Beginner/Advanced).
Of course, I advise you to start with the Beginner part.
There are informations about Big O notation and data structure operations / array sorting algorithms complexity.


Okay, you can do some maths in the repository above. But with this one, you’ll see way more maths like Euclidean norm. Therefore, how math formulas are represented in JavaScript.


In this repository you’ll find algorithms of course but specially what makes JavaScript: Call stack, Types, Scope, Generators, etc.
After that, you’ll able to say “yes I know JavaScript works” 😏


It gathers many snippets. The website is really cool, but you have the same content on the README file.
There are the specs and the examples.


So yes, this is a cheatsheet. And a very good one. You have many examples and explanations.

I hope these repositories will help you. It’s a lot of information, but you’ll find many codes to practice.

Don’t hesitate to share other repositories.

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Front-end developer