Netlify, an ideal deployment tool for a Front-end developer

If you are a Front-end Developer looking for a tool to deploy your website with a few configs and extras like Continuous Delivery, but Devops world scares you, I recommend you to use Netlify. You can keep a familiar platform like Github, with just two inputs to fill in the interface and you can quickly send your website in production. After you can go further and for instance choose to set environment variables, specially if your website back-end is in Node.js.

You just has to fill build command and public directory

Logs are helpful. Don’t hesitate to read all of it before ask for help. For instance the first time I tried to deploy, I had an issue. I thought the logs wasn’t helpful because I saw one “Error” at the bottom but no precision about it. But by reading all the logs, I understood that it was about Yarn. I switched the build command to Npm and it was good.

After the first time, when you push a commit on master, Netlify is notified and deploy the code. Also there is a pre-render. You can easily change the domain and you can add multiple websites for free (for one user).

HTTPS is the standard on Google Chrome ? No problem, Netlify provides HTTPS for you.

The documentation is quite full. They even have a section with build gotchas. They provide a support service and if you are lost, you can check their Youtube channel.

Netlify allows you to remove logic. With this platform you can create forms, handle logins, add users. It could be handy if you want to set up a quick project.

Personally, I wanted a simple platform to deploy my VuePress website. I chose Netlify because of its simplicity. It’s also a good introduction to devops subjects like Continuous Delivery.

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