So are you saying that because my bio suggests that I am not a social scientist, I cannot express…
Beth Crocker

I’m trying to be as polite as possible not to offend you, at any point you feel those questions from me are offending, pls let me know and I will stop arguing.

Of course you can express offense by an obvious stereotype. I am not challenging that. I am not questioning any of your feelings.

Do you consider offensinve if a study finds that boys and men are more interested about computers than woman and girls? Like one of the originally referenced research (that you were dismissing as non-actual research) has the following:

“men and boys exhibited greater sex-role stereotyping of computers, higher computer self-efficacy, and more positive affect about computers than did women and girls.”

Is this an offensive finding?

Has the meta-analysis of other studies invalidated the above effect?