How to buy Verge (XVG)

I’ve seen many people asking what is the way to buy Verge. I’ve been there before so I decided to write this step-by-step guide on how to buy Verge.

There is one way covered in this guide which can be used by everyone (US and non-US).

Coinbase and Binance

Step 1: Join Coinbase

Firstly you will need to create an account to Coinbase. You can use this link to join which will give you and myself $10 bonus each if your first deposit is above $100.

After you have registered (it’s very easy) you need to do your first deposit and buy any of the three available cryptocoins (Litecoin, Bitcoin or Ethereum). Yes, Litecoin, Bitcoin or Ethereum. This is because there’s no exchange at this point which allows you to deposit money using your debit/credit card and buy Verge. Thus you need to buy Litecoin/Ethereum/Bitcoin and then transfer these to another provider (I’ll talk about later on) and buy Verge. Many people suggest that BTC has higher fees so buying Ethereum instead is preferable. Litecoin is the cheapest solution but involves one extra exchange. I’ve tried all the combinations (LTC, BTC and ETH) and Litecoin has by far the less fees but it involves one extra step which is described in this guide. The rest of the guide uses the Bitcoin case, but you can buy Litecoin/Ethereum if you prefer (wherever I refer to Bitcoin, just pretend it says Ethereum or Litecoin). I also explain the Litecoin case so if you prefer LTC then don’t worry, go on and you will find out how it works.

Click the Buy/Sell menu item on Coinbase, select Bitcoin, then enter your card details, the amount you like to deposit and click the Buy Bitcoin Instantly button. Congratulations!

Step 2 : Binance — US and International

Then you will need to join Binance, an exchange market which allows you to buy Verge using the Bitcoin you just bought in Coinbase. After you have created an account in Binance (it’s easy), you need to generate a link that will allow you to send the Bitcoins you bought from Coinbase, to Binance. Go to Funds on the top right corner, then click “Deposits Withdrawals” and finally click the “Deposit” button next to Bitcoin from the list and copy the key for you wallet as shown below (if you have bought Litecoin/Ethereum then go to the Litecoin/Ethereum entry instead):

Step 3: Send Bitcoin from Coinbase to Binance

Go back to Coinbase and click the Accounts menu item. Then click the Send button below the BTC Wallet (of course go to ETH Wallet if you have bought Ethereum or LTC if you bought Litecoin) and then paste the weird alphanumeric string that Binance generated for you (not the one on the screenshot — that’s mine. Your own!). Click send. This is the tricky part. As you may have heard Bitcoin needs time to confirm transactions so it might take a few minutes (or more) to have your Bitcoins moved to Binance. You will receive an email from Binance saying that your Bitcoins have arrived. You can go and check your Binance wallet (it shows 0 for me because I have no Bitcoins):

Step 4: Buy Verge

When your Bitcoins have arrived to Binance you’re ready to buy your Verge. Go to Exchange → Basic on the top menu, then select XVG/BTC (XVG/ETH if you have bought Ethereum) from the list on the right. If you have bought Litecoin, then you first need to exchange them to Bitcoins (so look for the LTC/BTC pair instead. The process is exactly the same as described below but you need to do it twice: once to buy BTC using your LTC and a second time to buy XVG using the BTC you just bought by exchanging your LTC):

Select the amount of Verge to buy (or click 100% to exchange all your BTC to Verge) and click Buy XVG. The transaction needs some time to be fulfilled (actually you select a price and you need someone else to match this to exchange). Some times it is instant while some time takes a few minutes. In any case until the transaction is fulfilled, you will see your order under the “Open orders” window below the “Buy XVG”/ “Sell XVG” buttons.

This is it. Welcome to Verge!

PS.: If you have bought Litecoins in coinbase, just do the exact same process: find the LTC/BTC pair, SELL 100% of your LTC to buy BTC, wait for the transaction to be matched and then go to pair XVG/BTC and do what is described above.