I’m Going To Watch All of Star Trek: TNG Without Sleeping. For Charity.

Hi! My name is Pete. Starting the morning of Sunday, June 12 I am going to start watching Star Trek: The Next Generation. Sometime on Thursday, June 16, I am going to stop watching Star Trek. I am going to do this for charity.

Now, some important caveats: There is too much Star Trek for four and a half days. I am going to get in as much as humanly possible. I am not capable of staying awake for four days straight, but I will try. I hope you will forgive me a hyperbolic headline.

I am going to live-tweet this experience; you can find me on Twitter @sixangryghosts. You can also email me at astartrekmarathon (at) gmail dot com.

Some details:

Which charity:
Intentionally unspecified! Pick something that’s important to you and send them a donation. Forward me the receipt (obscuring your personal info if you so choose) so I can keep a running total. Please note political candidates and/or parties are not, for our purposes, charities.

What’s In It For You:
A post card! If you leave your info on the receipt or otherwise include your address, I will send you a postcard bearing custom Star Trek-themed artwork and haikus about Space Dad and Riker’s beard.

Who I am:
I’m Pete. I’ve done this twice before, once with Dawson’s Creek (actually kind of fun!) and Gossip Girl (less so.) Between the two efforts we raised more than $11,000 for various charities! Also one time I ate pancakes for 24 hours (very really not fun) and raised $5,000 for a domestic violence charity.

Why are you doing this?
Because it’s there. Because I have deep feelings about Space Dad and his crew. Because I have faith you will help me make this something special. Because I want to go where no one has gone before.

So. June 12. @sixangryghosts. Join me, won’t you?