Canon uncovers the technology behind StyleShoots

“How can you remove the background automatically? When you start asking questions like that we realised that we needed a system that can, on its own, alter the settings around a subject and make multiple images where the subject remains the same and the LED backlight flashes on and off and then compare them, run a series of algorithms before then spitting out an image that is background-free.”

A one-click solution

Shooting with style

The StyleShoots system uses an EOS 5D Mark III DSLR mated to either an EF70–200mm f/4L IS II USM or an EF24–105mm f/4L IS USM zoom, depending on which model — the StyleShoots Horizontal or StyleShoots Vertical. The camera and lighting (multi-award winning Rotolight LEDs chosen for their reputation for quality and lifespan) are ready to go at the touch of an iPad, with user intervention kept to a minimum, so the system can be used by anyone, regardless of photographic knowledge. “When combining all of these crucial elements, the technical complexity is completely nullified so stylists and photographers need only tap away.”s.

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