How to pick up a safe taxi in Taiwan?

2016 April 16

People not having a license are forbidden to ride scooter on the road in Taiwan,given to strict road regulations. When we first visit Taiwan, mostly we tourists or business travellers count on public transport or walking on their own to get to our travel destinations. To travel safely, business travellers may have to become more cautious. Here are a few tips when hiring a taxi in Taiwan.

First, hire taxi by using the e-service machine installed in any 24-hour convenient store. You need to key in your local mobile phone number in order to use taxi hiring service. This is for the taxi company to track the service quality using GPS and this also enables the taxi driver to reach the passenger easily. The convenient store will also have your personal contact and the taxi driver’s information (including taxi company, car number, date and time of service), just in case, passenger ends up in scam…hence such allows the police to investigate.

By the way, if you cannot manage the mandarin-instructed machine, feel free to ask the store staff to hire taxi for you.You may also use App to hire their service — however English service is not always readily available.

Second, know your taxi is insurance-covered. The market of taxi service is divided by company and individual. Individual taxi is, in general, flexible in offering passengers tailor-made deals. However their standard of services vary. Most taxi services provided by taxi company are insurance-covered that third party insurance is renewed every year.

In some cases, taxi company requires taxi driver to pay their own share of insurance premium when joining the company as a member taxi. Which means, passenger is secured with two sets of insurances. To advertise their taxis are secured with insurances, passengers may realize that taxi company has lines of Mandarin slogan printed on the back of taxi.

So how to distinguish if the taxi being hire is a member of a taxi company ? For individual taxi, they only have their “TAXI” light box on top of their taxi. You can also read the Mandarin name of the taxi driver printed on the door. If the taxi is a member of a company, the light box will be the name of its company. You will only read the membership number,but not the name of the taxi driver. The photo below illustrates one.

However taxis are of different quality of service in Taiwan, you may need to careful of their driving attitude on the road. Judging from my own experiences in hiring taxi in Taiwan, I would say, days and nights, Asian traffic is fascinating, sometimes it could be too exciting for conservative business travellers and senior tourists.