Ma Wan, a lonely island

floating in the heart of Hong Kong

That’s a lonely island situated in central territories Hong Kong. Literally, abandoned and forgotten.

You land your flight in the Hong Kong Chap Lap Kok International Airport, get on the MTR to settle your luggage in your hotel... You are taking the Airport Express Line, interchange in Tsing Yi Station...Welcome to the hustle and bustle of the Asia's World City.

Typical tourists visiting Hong Kong rarely hear about Ma Wan. As it does not offer you any shopping experience like Tsim Sha Tsui, nor glamorous dinner like Aberdeen, nor spooky atmosphere like Mongkok.

Escaping from the crowd

It was a brief sojourn back to the City, during Lunar New Year. That allows me to experience the hustle and bustle of urban life again. According to the Hong Kong SAR Government, the influx of tourists to the City during as at February 2015 was 11,015,387 visitors.

What does it mean to have more than 11 millions of visitors in your home? Hong Kong’s current population accounts for about 7 millions. Just try to imagine every 10 people you meet in the community, 9 of them are tourists.

Well, sometimes it’s more desirable to go somewhere more quiet. Ma Wan can be somewhere good for a undisturbed walk.

Located in the heart of HK

Take a look at its geographic location, it’s about 15 km from Tsuen Wan West Railway, 10 km from Lai King MTR, and a brief 15min of ride by ferry from Tsuen Wan pier.


What Can You do in Ma Wan?

FISHING & Enjoying sunset

Fishing — you just don’t know how luxurious it is to have a moment of tranquility by the waterside. You can also enjoy watching the sunset under the bridge of Tsing Ma Bridge,one of the longest suspension bridges in the world. Sadly this day was quite cloudy.

Seeing the old Floating Village

History : You can learn about the Floating Village(still exists!) in old Hong Kong. We met Mr Chan and his friends playing chess by the waterside.
Floating huts. We are standing and facing Tsuen Wan's high-rise residential blocks. Fresher air with the breeze…
The transformation of Hong Kong as Asia's World City implies the conflicts in the past. And you may wonder how people were treated in decades ago.

Spending time walking with your friends and families and trespassing the empty blocks and alleys.

Traditional writing in Chinese begins from the right to the left. 「蓬萊餐廳」means Welcome Guest Restaurant.

Cultivating a Different Angle of View

Another side of Tsing Ma Bridge.

Having Fresh Veggie

My friend Louise is trying to collect seaweed from the water.
We tried it. Fresh and clean. Kids like us these days are hardly...You know this is blissful ignorance, right.
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