Public Statement of Support for Julia Angwin

Amie Stepanovich

As members of the public interested in the promise of data-centered journalism, we wish to express our unwavering support for Julia Angwin.

Julia’s work is the gold standard. She is a leader in tech journalism, and her investigations and reporting have undeniably had a considerable positive impact on the sector at large.

We oppose her recent ouster as Editor in Chief of the Markup — the entity she founded — and express deep disappointment at the implication that she was let go in order to shift the focus of the publication to “advocating against tech companies.”

Now more than ever the world needs principled, data driven tech reporting of the kind that Julia has built her career on. The Markup is set to launch in July and should not do so without Julia at the helm. We encourage all her original funders to investigate this situation and to take steps to ensure that the Markup stays true to its founding principles.


(*If you would like to add your name please drop a comment. Any affiliations will be added for identification only*)

Mario Aguilar, Deputy Editor, Gizmodo

Ben Arnon, Color Farm Media

Patrick Ball, Human Rights Data Analysis Group

Kevin Bankston, Director, New America’s Open Technology Institute

Christine Bannan, Consumer Protection Counsel, Electronic Privacy Information Center

Renata Barreto, JD / PhD Candidate, UC Berkeley School of Law

Lindsey Barrett, Institute for Public Representation, Georgetown Law

Burcu Baykurt, Columbia University

Alvaro M. Bedoya, Founding Director, Center on Privacy & Technology at Georgetown Law

Steven M. Bellovin, Columbia University

Wafa Ben-Hassine, Policy Counsel at Access Now

Griffin Boyce, Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University

danah boyd/ Microsoft Research and Data & Society

Joshua Braun, Associate Professor of Journalism, UMass Amherst

David Brody, Counsel & Senior Fellow for Privacy and Technology, Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law

Justin Brookman

Sean Brooks, Director, Citizen Clinic — UC Berkeley Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity

Deborah Brown, Global Policy Advocacy Lead, Association for Progressive Communications

Monica Bulger, Senior Fellow, Future of Privacy Forum

Georgia Bullen, Executive Director, Simply Secure

Ryan Calo, Tech Policy Lab

JC Cannon, Privacy Activist, Former Dir. of Privacy, Microsoft Corporation

Robyn Caplan, Phd Candidate at Rutgers University, Affiliate at Data & Society Research Institute

Karla Carter

Ann Cavoukian, Ph.D. leading the Privacy by Design Center of Excellence, Toronto, Canada

Christine Chen, independent consultant

Jon Christian, news editor at Futurism

Danielle Keats Citron, Prof of Law, University of Maryland School of Law (Prof of Law at Boston U School of Law as of July 1, 2019)

Maggie Clifford, PhD student, American University School of Communication

Rena Coen, privacy researcher

Cindy Cohn, Executive Director, Electronic Frontier Foundation

Gabriella Coleman, Wolfe Chair in Scientific and Technological Literacy, McGill University

Zane Cooper, PhD Student, University of Pennsylvania

Kate Crawford, co-founder and co-director of the AI Now Institute, NYU

Kade Crockford, Director, Technology for Liberty Program, ACLU of Massachusetts

Michelle De Mooy, Privacy and Data Ethics Consultant, former Director of the Privacy and Data Project at the Center for Democracy & Technology

Ángel Díaz, Liberty & National Security Counsel — Brennan Center for Justice

Judith Donath, Berkman-Klein Center @ Harvard University

Lilian Edwards, Professor of Law and Innovation, Newcastle Law School

Serge Egelman, International Computer Science Institute / U.C. Berkeley

Madeleine Clare Elish, Research Lead, Data & Society Research Institute

Kai Falkenberg, Media Lawyer & Columbia Law Lecturer in Law

Jim Fenton, Independent technologist

Ayden Férdeline, Technology Policy Fellow, Mozilla

Bill Fitzgerald

Roger Ford, Associate Professor of Law, University of New Hampshire

Camille Francois, Chief Innovation Officer, Graphika; Affiliate, Harvard Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society; Fellow, Mozilla

Vince Fulco, Weisisheng Corporate Management Consulting

Eva Galperin, security researcher

Gennie Gebhart, Associate Director of Research, Electronic Frontier Foundation

Alexandra Givens, Executive Director, Georgetown Institute for Technology Law & Policy

Jeffrey Goldberg, 1Password

Yael Grauer, independent journalist

Evan Greer, deputy director of Fight for the Future

G.S. Hans, Assistant Clinical Professor of Law, Vanderbilt University

Woodrow Hartzog, Professor of Law and Computer Science, Northeastern University

Marcia Hofmann, Zeitgeist Law

Alexander B. Howard,

Andrew Iliadis, Assistant Professor, Department of Media Studies and Production, Temple University

Joseph Jerome, Counsel, Privacy & Data Project, Center for Democracy & Technology

Elizabeth Joh, UC Davis School of Law

Mike Katz-Lacabe, Director of Research, Center for Human Rights and Privacy

Dragana Kaurin, Berkman Klein Center @ Harvard University

Ashkhen Kazaryan, Director of Civil Liberties, TechFreedom

Cameron F. Kerry, distinguished visiting fellow, The Brookings Institution

Aleksandra Korolova, University of Southern California

Daniel Leufer, AI policy & philosophy researcher

Micah Lee, security engineer and journalist at The Intercept

Douglas Levin, President, EdTech Strategies

Karen Levy, Cornell University, Department of Information Science

Kristian Lum, Human Rights Data Analysis Group

Stephen Lynch

Barry C. Lynn, Executive Director, Open Markets Institute

Dave Maass, Senior Investigative Researcher, Electronic Frontier Foundation

Colin Maclay, University of Southern California

Micaela Mantegna, Researcher, Center for Technology and Society, San Andres University

Alice E. Marwick, Assistant Professor, Department of Communication, UNC-Chapel Hill and Faculty Advisor, Data & Society Research Institute

Aaron Massey, Assistant Professor, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Jeanna Neefe Matthews, Clarkson University/ Data and Society Affiliate

Bailey McCann, Independent Journalist and Author

Sean McDonald, Digital Public

Peter A. McKay, independent consultant, former Wall Street Journal reporter

Andrew McLaughlin, board chair at Access Now

Corynne McSherry

Whitney Merrill, Privacy & Data Security Attorney and Founder of the Crypto & Privacy Village

Peter Micek, General Counsel, Access Now and Adjunct Professor, Columbia-SIPA

Dan Mitchell, independent journalist

Mary Mitchell

Heidi N. Moore, Independent Media Consultant

Emanuel Moss, PhD Candidate, CUNY Graduate Center, Data & Society Research Analyst

Laura Moy, Executive Director, Center on Privacy & Technology at Georgetown Law

Paul Nemitz, Principal Advisor European Commission, Member of the German Data Ethics Commission

Sarah Newman, metaLAB at Harvard, Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society

Eric Null, Senior Counsel, Open Technology Institute

Kurt Opsahl, Deputy Executive Director and General Counsel, Electronic Frontier Foundation

Javier Pallero, Latam Policy Lead at Access Now

Eli Pariser, Author, The Filter Bubble

Christopher Parsons, Research Associate, Citizen Lab at the Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto

Faiza Patel

Melody Patry, Advocacy Director at Access Now

Heather Patterson, Intel Labs and Oakland Privacy Advisory Commission

Meredith L. Patterson, Special Circumstances, LLC.

Jon Pincus, CTO, A Change is Coming

Laura Poitras, Filmmaker

Jules Polonetsky, CEO, Future of Privacy Forum

Katherine Pratt, PhD Candidate, University of Washington

Megan Price, Human Rights Data Analysis Group

Cooper Quintin, Senior Staff Technologist, EFF

Karen Reilly

Joel Reidenberg, Stanley D. and Nikki Waxberg Chair in Law, Founding Director, CLIP, Fordham University

Victoire Rio — Myanmar Tech accountability Network

Emory Roane, Policy Counsel, Privacy Rights Clearinghouse

David Robinson, Upturn and Cornell University

Alex Rosenblat

David Ruiz, Content Writer, Malwarebytes Labs

Julie Samuels, Tech:NYC

Philip Di Salvo, researcher and lecturer, Università della Svizzera italiana (Lugano, Switzerland)

Maurizio Santamicone

Andrew Schrock, Aloi Research and Consulting & University of Southern California

Calli Schroeder, Privacy attorney and researcher

Ian Schuler, CEO Development Seed, Former Internet Freedom @ US State Department

Ross Schulman, Senior Policy Technologist, New America’s Open Technology Institute

Jason Schultz, NYU School of Law

David Segal, Executive Director of Demand Progress

Andrew Selbst, Postdoctoral Scholar, Data & Society Research Institute.

Andrew Sellars, Director, Technology Law Clinic, Boston University School of Law

Tarak Shah, Human Rights Data Analysis Group

Ryan Shapiro, Executive Director, Property of the People

Elissa Shevinsky, Editor of “Lean Out: The Struggle for Gender Equality in Tech & Start-up Culture”

Caroline Sinders, researcher and fellow with the Mozilla Foundation

Ryan Singel, Fellow at Stanford Law School’s Center for Internet and Society, former Wired editor

Ashkan Soltani, Independent Researcher and Consultant. Former FTC Chief Technologist, and consulting researcher for Julia Angwin @ the WSJ in 2009–2012

Amie Stepanovich, U.S. Policy Manager at Access Now

Olivier Sylvain, Fordham Law School

dan tynan, independent journalist (adweek, guardian, fastco), former eic at yahoo tech

Amelia Vance, Director of Education Privacy, Future of Privacy Forum

James Vasile, Partner at Open Tech Strategies, Frmr Director of Open Internet Tools Project, Founder at FreedomBox Foundation

Suresh Venkatasubramanian, Professor, School of Computing, University of Utah

Sandra Wachter, Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford

Pat Walshe, independent consultant, Privacy Matters (Pat Walshe)

Rian Wanstreet, PhD Candidate, University of Washington

Nicholas Weaver, Lecturer in Computer Science at UC Berkeley and Researcher at the International Computer Science Institute

Gabriel Weinberg

Daniel Weitzner, MIT Internet Policy Research Initiative and Former White House Deputy CTO

Sarah Myers West, Postdoctoral Researcher, AI Now Institute, NYU

Marcy Wheeler, Independent journalist at emptywheel

Kenneth White, security researcher and DHS policy advisor

Royce Williams, security researcher and public-interest technologist

Marlena Wisniak, Stanford Law School / Investor Alliance for Human Rights

Nicole Wong, Former Deputy US Chief Technology Officer

Teddy Woodhouse, Research Analyst & Advocate, Web Foundation

John Wunderlich, Vice Chair of the Board, MyData Global @mydataorg

Scott Yates, Founder, Certified Content Coalition

Jillian C. York

Harlan Yu, Executive Director, Upturn

Ethan Zuckerman, Director, Center for Civic Media, MIT

Amie Stepanovich

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