Another cliche post, but I cannot restrain myself from writing this thing. 2015 had been a super-emotional year. I experienced both the best and the worst of me. I transformed into fully fledge “adult” in this year.

January. I am preparing for the national exam on April, I got closer to my highschool friends.

February. Nothing much, except maybe for I was confused which college and what major that I should take for SNMPTN

March. I changed my mind from psychology/pharmacy to information system for my major due to some circumstances.

April. Hellhole. Everything just happened in the same time, everything was overwhelming. National exam, SBMPTN preparation, registering myself in SNMPTN. Oh hey, I also went to Tidung Island that month, so it’s not that bad.

May. Anxiety month. I spent most of my time in cram schools, waiting for the result of SNMPTN. And I found happiness because I got accepted in information system in a certain university.

June. Lazing around. The pure definition of lazy.

July. 18th birthday, celebrating Eid, went to Bandung and Tasik.

August. Starting college. Adapting to a whole new environment.

September. Mid term exam drove me crazy and down.

October. More weird stuff about programming is being crammed into my poor little head. And ooh I found a senior cute and nice enough who helped me with my programming assignment!!

November. End of college-orientation program. Momen Kekerabatan. I’m so sad and angsty that month. More stalking about this cute upperclassmen.

December. Final exam. Freedom!! Holiday!!! I went to some beaches in Pangandaran, bitches! I spend the NYE in home tho, just like my favorite:)

Well, that’s my rough 2015 recap. I survived a whole hell of a year, so I’m sure you can too!

Can’t wait for more adventures in 2016.

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